The Daiverse project is a consortium of 4 partners joined by an external expert. The project is coordinated by Lernacon, a Belgium based company, providing teacher training and educational consultancy. The 3 school partners come from Austria, Belgium and Slovakia. Also part of the team is an external expert on inclusion.

Meet here the core team of the project.

Bart Verswijvel (BE) - Lernacon

Bart Verswijvel is an independent Belgian educator and expert trainer who works as a Senior Pedagogical Adviser for European Schoolnet in Brussels. He is the pedagogical lead of the Future Classroom Lab, and he is active in a range of European funded projects. He also coordinates the EUN network of Future Classroom ambassadors.

Bart worked with Ministries of Education, schools and communities of teachers. His special interest nowadays is in the use of artificial intelligence in education. He also researches whole-school approaches to stimulate active learning and innovative practices in a context of innovative learning spaces with the support of technology.

As a private education consultant with his company Lernacon, he facilitates professional development for teachers and schools. Bart designs and delivers online and on-site courses and workshops. He has worked as a course leader for communities, schools and institutes in Europe and the Middle East.

Bart is an international keynote speaker and  is the co-founder and co-host of the International Teachmeet at BETT. Bart’s power is to spread the joy of learning. Store your knowledge in friends, is his favourite quote.

Arjana Blazic (HR) - Lernacon

Arjana Blazic is an experienced educator, teacher trainer, education technology consultant and course designer, based in Zagreb, Croatia. She is an external expert at European Schoolnet, where she contributes to EU Code Week by developing teaching and learning resources that aim at scaling up innovative use of digital technologies in schools. Her interests focus on technology-enhanced teaching and learning, the use of AI in the classroom and the impact of digital technologies on teacher professional development.

Hermann Morgenbesser (AT) - GYMNASIUM KLosterneuburg

Hermann Morgenbesser teaches Computer Sciences at the Klosterneuburg International School. He was involved in the Austrian-wide coordination in various European projects on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education as a coordinator in the educational implementation of these projects in schools from 2012 to 2017. Since February 2017 Hermann leads the Future Learning Lab at the University of Education in Vienna, where he is a member of the department “Center for Learning and Innovation”. The main focus of is work is to train teachers in the area of educational technology, pedagogically assisted by learning scenarios.


Frederik Wylin is a teacher of STEM subjects at VTI Sint-Lucas, Menen (BE).

KORNELIA LOHYNOVA (SK) - Hotelová akadémia

Kornelia Lohynova is an experienced teacher, supervisor, and international project coordinator at the Hotel Academy in Bratislava, Slovakia. She leads both online and onsite professional development courses and seminars for educators with a keen focus on Entrepreneurship Education, Project Based Learning and Social and Emotional Learning. Kornelia is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, an eTwinning ambassador and leads an online eTwinning group “Entrepreneurship in Education”.

Davorka Schmidt (HR) - Edu4all

I am a teacher and special educator. I worked for almost 30 years in a regular school. My classes have always included a few students at risk of exclusion, so I have a lot of practical experience in the field of inclusion. In addition, I have been active in the civil sector for 25 years, where I participate in projects related to the inclusion of students with special needs in regular schools. For seven years, I worked in the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia, where I dealt with vocational education and adult education. For the last year and a half, I have been self-employed in Edu4All Consulting and I continue to participate in projects related to inclusion.