SESSION DATE: 14 March 2024 – 5pm CET

SchoolAI is an AI platform that allows you to create, personalize and engage with your students. With SchoolAI, you can:

  • Design and build chatbots that can engage, support and motivate students of different backgrounds, abilities and interests.
  • Use chatbots as tutors that can provide personalized feedback, guidance and assessment.
  • Integrate chatbots into your curriculum and classroom activities.
  • Evaluate the impact and effectiveness of chatbots on student learning and outcomes.

In the CreAIte with us webinar…

We’ll focus on the creation and implementation of chatbots as tutors tailored to the diverse needs of students. You will engageĀ  with our DAIVERSEBOT and develop your own ready to bring to the classroom the next day. Bring along a teaching idea or topic you plan to cover soon and dive into creating your customized chatbot with our step by step guidance during the webinar.