At Hotel Academy, marketing teacher Kornelia Lohynova decided to explore the power of Quizalize and AI-generated questions.

In just minutes she crafted a fun lesson tailored to each student’s needs. As students explored promotion strategies, Quizalize kept things exciting with interactive quizzes and instant feedback. AI-generated questions sparked curiosity and helped students dive deeper into the topic. Kornelia decided to combine two AI tools, Quizalize and SchoolAI. As a follow up after the quiz, students were guided to use SchoolAI chatbot.

SchoolAI served as a helpful guide, showcasing various promotion techniques like social media campaigns and loyalty programs. Its interactive features sparked engaging discussions and critical thinking among students.

At Hotel academy teachers utilized SchoolAI  also to introduce the concept of nonviolent communication (NVC). Through role-playing scenarios, students practiced empathy and conflict resolution skills, all with the guidance of this handy chatbot.

With SchoolAI and Quizalize, learning became dynamic and hands-on, blending technology with traditional teaching to empower students with real-world skills.